”Heden naturligt centrum för fotbollens huvudstad”

Kära Utmärk(T) Göteborgs Vänner,
Äntligen, en idé/förslag som absolut fyller ”Utmärk(T) Göteborg”
kriterier har skrivits som debatt artikel om Heden av Nils Wiberg…
Vi tackar den ”goa gubben” Nils Wiberg för sin idé/förslag och
Gunnar Anjou för arkitektskissen…
”Utmärk(T) Göteborg”
Arkitektskiss: Gunnar Anjou, Pyramiden Arkitekter.
Visionärt. Nu har Göteborg möjligheten att skapa sitt eget landmärke.
En chans för staden att befästa sin plats som  Sveriges fotbollshuvudstad.




                               What I have learned with poweruser Yahya CAN

Posted by Niklas Laninge, 2015-12-22

Yahya CAN is an inventor and a visionary. With 29 courses under his belt, he’s also one of our most dedicated users. Needless to say, but he knows a lot about our service and learning. We took some time  to hear more about his view on Daily Bits Of and learning.

Also, if you read in Swedish we recommend his blog Utmärk(t).

What courses have you enjoyed the most?
Well there’s so many of them. I’m on my 29th course at the moment. That must be some sort of record, right? I am most interested in courses about creativity, innovation, construction, design and psychology. I do not want to sort out the best or worst since I do not like to limit myself that way. There’s all types of knowledge at your service; it depends a lot on what you’re looking for.

Why do you use Daily Bits Of?
The answer is in the name. I see your service as a stream of knowledge and I’m looking for knowledge gems and precious knowledge stones.

Tell us about something important that you use on a daily basis?
I really believe that the more you learn, the better outcome you will have in life. It’s all about creating a life where you learn something new every day.

Any other advice you want to share with our users?
The best way to predict your future is to create it yourself. How?

Look, understand, and share. It’s really that simple.

( http://blog.dailybitsof.com/what-i-have-learned-with-poweruser-yahya-can/ )